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BSH Released a Mobile App for Christmas

08 December 2014

​​Like every year BSH Team is trying to make the days before Christmas more special for all of us. In the previous nine years we prepared for you a Christmas card – game or message to you – hopping to make you smile and make some fun together in the remaining days before the New Year.

This year our initiative has an anniversary and we decided to change the tradition and make a step forward. We created a Christmas App for mobile devices helping you to plan and buy Christmas gifts. With this App you can plan your budget and gifts for the people that are special for you. Furthermore, with integration with Foursquare you can easily find the nearest places around you to buy the gifts you have planned.

You can install our free App Giftify on the most popular platforms like Android, Windows Phone and soon iOS.

For more information please visit the App web page www.giftifyapp.com.

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